Jessica Schwartz is a Certified Holistic Therapist, Medical Spiritual Jessica SchwartzIntuitive Healer and Energy Balancing Practitioner.  She has presented talks and workshops in Europe, the Middle East and various locations in the U.S.   Jessica has guest-lectured about Spiritual Healing in numerous venues including Brandeis University and the PSI Symposium.  She has also done workshops for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, JCC, CJP, Mayyim Hayyim, the Brick by Brick Foundation, the National Havurah Committee, the Visiting Nurse Association and JF&CS.

In her Boston area private practice, Jessica works with individual clients and groups from the medical field, the business world, the educational arena and the arts.  She serves in an ongoing capacity as a consultant with health care practitioners from several disciplines. 

Prior to her current position, Jessica worked for 15 years in the publishing field as a writer and editor.  For several of those years she served as the publications director for a scientific research institute.   Jessica has written extensively on a variety of subjects; her work has been published both domestically and internationally.

As part of her own spiritual practice, Jessica has studied Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) in its original language for 20 years, and incorporates into her practice information and authentic techniques from the Kabbalistic tradition. Jessica has studied spirit singing and has performed both as a soloist and in groups here and abroad since she was 13 years old.   Her background in music and sound gives her a variety of tools and techniques (such as toning and vibratory healing) to serve her clients.  Also, Jessica uses her knowledge of the Vedic tradition (chakras) to inform her work. 

Jessica promotes the Practical Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit in her private practice, where she offers sessions either in person or via telephone.  Jessica has several guided meditation CDs available. 

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