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The evidence is clear. Cluttered thinking and emotional turmoil send overload messages to your body and produce negative results in and out of the workplace. How can you protect yourself from negative influences? Stress management keeps you focused on success. Optimize your skills, work more efficiently, set clearer goals and create win-win situations with your colleagues, customers and clients. This workshop will provide a lively open forum for intriguing workplace topics. In addition, you will learn a practical, quick-fix technique to lessen anxiety in any setting, find out specific ways to deal with negativity, and participate in an amazing demonstration of how the power of your mind affects your body.

Introduction to the Chakras

Where in your body do you feel anxiety? What might lower back pain signify? Is an aching jaw telling you something? These symptoms may be communicating information that you can access through your knowledge of the chakras. In this workshop, you will become aware of what the chakras are, and how these vibrations of consciousness correspond to, and express, issues relating to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of your being. In addition to lecture and discussion, you will experience a guided visualization to access, strengthen and balance the chakras, thus promoting a feeling of health and well-being.

Sound and Healing

We are vibrational beings. How does the universe call to us? And how can we attune ourselves to, and respond to, our universe through sound? Experience how we can use music and sound to heal the body, mind and spirit by resonating with our higher, healing nature. In this workshop, we will reawaken our listening skills, and use our voices and other instruments to realize a deeper connection to the Source that Heals.

Introduction to Energy Field Healing

What is energy field healing, and how can you tap into the Universal Energy Source to access and apply it for yourself and others? Join us in this practical workshop, as you increase the awareness of your innate power as an energy healer. You can experience this within yourself, and also experience what it feels like to give and receive healing energy with a partner. The workshop will include lecture, discussion and energy healings with other participants. Bring a friend or come alone and find a partner. You will be provided with a clearer understanding of how energy connections work and how you can use your own energy to heal yourself and others.

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