“The majority of our society views illness through a western medicine perspective. While western medicine has given us invaluable tools for healing, in most cases it does not address the spiritual aspect of our healing. When we open up to spiritual healing, we begin working on the root causes of our physical, emotional, and mental challenges. The spiritual healing approach is invaluable for overall wellness and in many cases promotes healing in ways that western medicine does not address.

Jessica’s spiritual healing work promoted a level of healing within me on a far more comprehensive level then I have received from western medicine. Jessica works with a high degree of integrity, honesty, and compassion that I have not experienced with western medicine. Her results have been life changing for my physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual levels. Jessica is a gifted comprehensive healer and for those people who are receptive to spiritual healing as a path to total wellness, Jessica is the best that I have ever experienced.

Thank you Jessica for our work together, it has been an invaluable experience working together."


"Jessica has helped me so much over the years. Now, she’s done it again!

I have been experiencing quite a bit of lower back pain, much of it due to a mildly degenerating disk, arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis. There were times when the pain would go off the 1-10 pain scale, and I would have difficulty in simply moving around, carrying things and so on. My “quality of life” was “degenerating” along with my disk.

I had a lot of PT and a variety of injections for these issues. They helped, but only temporarily.

During a recent “Skype” meeting with Jessica, she not only helped me to understand and control the day to day aches and pains I have been experiencing with these physical issues, she also totally eliminated my most intense pain. My intense pain went from 100% to 0% - with Jessica’s magnificent abilities- via SKYPE! It has been a few weeks now, and those really intense pains are GONE!

If you are unclear as to the value of working with Jessica Schwartz, you only need to know that even though I still have some of my physical issues (we are working on those and they are diminishing), the quality of my life has improved a great deal. There have also been a number of emotional/personal issues she has helped me with over the years, all with her thoughtful, caring manner.
This is just the latest in a long line of things for which I am very grateful to have Jessica Schwartz in my life."


"About you, Jessica, I can only glow, as follows:

From the moment I met Jessica, I recognized a warm, enlightened, generous, good-humored spirit and spiritual person. Over time I have worked with Jessica and I've had the good fortune to experience more than a taste of her healing power and insight, both in person, and, when unable to move much or drive due to a temporary back injury, over the phone. She told me she works at very deep levels. I recognized this astonishing truth when Jessica made an observation that only someone with access to my medical record could have known. She had never seen my medical record, and I had never had any reason to mention the fact to her. It was miraculous."


"I have been seeing Jessica for several years.  When I first met with her, I was experiencing a deep sadness and emptiness due to my mother's death when I was a teenager.  Within the first session, she helped turn that around, and I have not ever experienced that type of feeling again.

We've worked on many things together since then that have changed my life, but here is something I want everyone to know about: Over the years, I have experienced very strong optical migraines, skewed vision and dizziness, lasting from a few minutes to up to an hour. I have an autoimmune disorder  (antiphospholipid antibody syndrome) and these are frequent symptoms.  I was experiencing them several times a week - sometimes daily - for over 30 years. 

Jessica tried a very interesting technique with me about 6 weeks ago, and I have had only 3 very brief episodes since that time.  To me, it's a true miracle! I am forever grateful to Jessica, and I recommend her to anyone wholeheartedly." 

"In only one phone session with Jessica (from Sweden), my back pain after my herniated disk operation was much relieved - more than from hydrotherapy and other excellent health care treatments I receive here... I find the meditation CDs helpful and very relaxing. They are easy to follow, even though they are not in my native language."     



"Jessica's informative in-service series for both our VNA staff and our Caregivers' Support Group reached members at a different level. Her programs helped us to find and use the positive energy within to heal ourselves.  It was excellent!"



"... like a gentle midwife guiding a process.  The inner transformation in less than a year has led to changes in my career beyond my imagination.  I'm grateful to Jessica for helping me restore the center of my creativity and power..."



I, like many from Poland, am one of the world's greatest skeptics! Or I should say, I WAS until I met Jessica and discovered what she's capable of. I have two stories, one about me and one about my six-year-old son Dominik.

I had a strange pain from my stomach ulcer. I was so weak that I was incapacitated and could not move from the sofa. It was worse then ever before! Jessica treated me for a few minutes and I got immediate relief. The pain continued to diminish after the treatment, and it took less than two hours for all the pain to go away ENTIRELY! That happened a year ago and I've NEVER had any relapses since! Jessica truly, and without any doubt in my mind, cured me in a matter of minutes.

Also, my little boy, Dominik, took a nasty fall one day and cut his elbow. It looked like someone took a razor and slashed away some skin off his arm. It looked awful, and he cried a lot from pain. Jessica took only a few moments to take the whole trauma away and two hours later, wearing no dressing, Dominik was swimming in the ocean without any discomfort from the salty water! I could not believe it, but it was true! The elbow healed without any further discomfort.


"I cannot think of a more dynamic and knowledgeable speaker who I know would receive a most enthusiastic response, and would probably inspire in many listeners an immediate desire – and more likely, a demand - to hear and experience more from her. Jessica is an amazing person with incredible, intuitive gifts, yet who also is extremely logical, practical, and grounded in her efforts to help people help themselves. She sees individual clients, runs groups and also works with organizations. She is attentive and engaging. I mentioned to her in passing that my shoulder often hurt after an injury. As we continued to speak of other things, I began to realize that I couldn’t find my usual pain! Instead, a sensation of warmth spread throughout my shoulder. I was astounded and almost tearful, but I didn’t want to embarrass anyone, so I restrained myself! I told Jessica I couldn’t locate the pain that had plagued me, and she smiled and said that was just a taste. The pain-free state lasted for several hours afterward.

Jessica helps people in their quests for balance and well-being. Her broad spiritual knowledge helps her inform her clients’ ways of thinking of themselves, guiding them to new perspectives that help heal new and old wounds, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. She is an amazing speaker who communicates complex spiritual and philosophical ideas in concrete and creative ways that lead to personal enlightenment. She believes that by healing oneself, each one of us can help repair the world, which is an act of responsibility. In her work she uses meditation, especially when she begins an individual session, to help guide and frame the therapeutic process. To illustrate her message and enhance her clients’ understanding, she often uses humor and anecdotes, often in the form of parables.

Her work is very relevant to improved overall good health and promotes a great sense of spiritual connection, as well as the mental/emotional/spiritual and physical balance necessary for maintaining one’s good health and ability to function meaningfully and energetically in the world. Jessica, through conversation, anecdote, experiential exercises and imaging, will help others and address individual needs to reduce the stress and anxiety we often experience, whether it results from emotional, physical or spiritual wounds.

I heartily endorse Jessica Schwartz. I know she can show many people, both men and women, ways to discover within themselves the capacity to live more fully and richly."


"Jessica's classes and meditation CDs are transformational and educational.  I recommend them to my clients and students!"



"The DAY BEFORE our session, I was in a minor accident and thought all was fine. Not knowing this, Jessica told me to check my tires!  The NEXT DAY both the insurance adjustor and the body shop worker - independently - said it was serious; the entire wheel almost fell off.  I later told Jessica she might have saved my life...  I don't accept spiritual wisdom and bodywork without it being practical, and Jessica does this...  The work we've done in over 3 years has helped me be my best as a father, husband and friend."



"I was flat on my back with disc degeneration. The doctor's prognosis was that I would end up in a wheelchair. Jessica's one treatment over the phone resulted in actual bone regeneration.  It was astounding.  I went horseback riding within 3 days!  The lasting effect of these therapeutic changes continues, more than 2 years later...   Jessica's intention is pure, and her remarkable perceptions are affirmations of the spiritual, mind and body healing process..."



Jessica gets to the ROOT of the problem and allows me the dignity to make my own assessments, empowering me to be responsible for my part in the process... Most other intuitives project THEIR version of your truth. Jessica encourages MY version of my truth.  She's so clear."



"Jessica's particular sensitivity is her ability to redress imbalances, setting up channels of communication between the physical, emotional and spiritual, leading to growth and change... Once I had a puzzling long-term infection and Jessica's diagnosis was closer than the doctor's...  After a 6-month menopausal gap, Jessica worked on me, and relief came within 2 days... She has also relieved backaches and muscle spasms... The sessions can be quite magical, leaving me feeling expanded, integrated, relaxed and peaceful."



I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated hearing from my Dad during our last session. [Jessica channeled her Dad, who passed on when she was young.] It's true that the message is from and through God, but God still needs someone willing and able to communicate. I feel lucky that you are there to provide this help.



"Jessica's sessions go far beyond the traditional type of counseling that I had after a difficult divorce.  Her readings extend into another dimension encompassing body, mind and spirit...  Although we've never met, my monthly phone sessions with Jessica are greatly instrumental in my finding a more balanced way of living...  Jessica's CDs are wonderful!   They allow a quiet, relaxing and healing time with carry-over effects into my everyday routines.  Even my children love to listen to them!"



"Jessica is someone I can trust completely.  I know she won't reveal anything negative that would frighten me...   Jessica is very intuitive!  She is gentle, understanding and caring...  Jessica doesn't tell you what to do, but gives you the confidence to make tough choices...  Fibroid tumors were making my periods a nightmare.  After just one treatment, balance was restored to my monthly cycle and my periods began a more even flow..."



One exercise in your workshop changed my life forever. You've helped me to focus clearly on the areas holding me back from getting what I want, and that focus alone seems to change the block. Thank you for opening so many areas for me, and helping me to expand and grow. It's miraculous. And so much easier than it sounds. The release (from the workshop and private sessions) is such a gift..."



I am happy to recommend you to anyone who is ready to do some real soul exploration and personal development work. You are gifted in so many ways as a compassionate spiritual intuitive, teacher, healer, writer and singer. You are devoted to the well-being of every one of your clients. I find your visions poetic, uncanny and insightful. Your healing sessions provide a platform to see life differently.To others reading this, I say that if you are committed to seeing your life more clearly, then Jessica is for you!



This morning [one day after the session] when I woke up I was aware that the intense feelings of fear and anxiety about giving birth are pretty much gone. It is quite remarkable. I have a new sense of calmness that feels much more like the pre-pregnancy me. Physically there is more room for me to breathe and eat, and the baby seems to be enjoying more space. We both thank you!

2 years later: I have been taking my daughter, now 22 months, to Jessica since she was a newborn. Every time I have seen results. Most recently I brought my daughter to see Jessica because of symptoms of fatigue, teething, low grade fever, and loss of appetite. That afternoon right after the session, my daughter was much better. Her energy was back and her appetite increased. By the very next day she was acting like herself again.


As a former skeptic and webmaster of JessicaSchwartz.com, I've had the opportunity to experience Jessica's intuitive and healing abilities. One day, my right hand literally felt icy. I called Jessica and she was able to determine that I had a pinched nerve in my right shoulder. Amazingly, after the telephone session, my hand started warming back up and was soon back to normal. I still don't comprehend the process - and probably never will - but it was extraordinary! Jessica also has the ability to "know" a person from their photograph. I wanted to know more information about a girl who was sending me mixed signals. After looking at the photograph, Jessica was able to tell me things about the person that turned out to be eerily accurate and helped save much confusion and disappointment later on. At first, Jessica's abilities sounded too good to be true. Yet, after experiencing Jessica's abilities, I give fellow skeptics an unconditional recommendation. Jessica is an amazing intuitive and healer and I am truly very lucky to know her.


I am 29 years old and never thought I'd ever get shingles.  After my dermatologist gave me the diagnosis, I used the pain medication, but my symptoms continued.  The pain was quite agonizing and the itching terribly annoying.  When my mother suggested I speak with Jessica over the phone, my initial reaction was "what on earth could be done about this type of pain on a phone call?"  Well... I gotta say... boy, was I surprised!  I told Jessica where the pain was, she went to work, and within only 5-10 minutes, the pain was over 80% gone!  I was really astonished!  We had another phone appointment and after that, the pain was completely gone.


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