Reports describe relations (love • work • friend), career, finance & character.

• Personal Natal Report •

Comprehensive analysis reveals fundamental patterns, pinpoints core strengths & uncovers inherent possibilities. Approximately 20-page interpretation plus introduction & chart wheel diagram.

• Solar Return Report •

A new birthday cycle can determine the tone and potential of the year. Moods, attitudes, feelings, and actions are all influenced by this annual event. Understanding these influences helps you choose from options & opportunities, and encourages you to make positive steps toward personal development. From 24-40 pages plus introduction & chart wheel.

• Relationship/Synastry Report •

Compares 2 peoples’ natal charts & indicates how they might get along in specific areas. Evaluates strengths & weaknesses and details possibilities & challenges -- all indispensable keys to enhancing any human interaction. About 20-page interpretation plus introduction & both chart wheel diagrams.

• Composite Report •

The relationship of 2 people together creates a new chart for the relationship itself, which shows how two people function as one couple. It uses one horoscope formed from both charts’ midpoints. About 23 pages plus introduction & combined chart wheel.

• Body & Soul Report •

“Medical” astrology report provides insight on constitution, healing potential, metabolism, seasons, colors and tendencies. About 30-50 pages plus introduction & chart wheel.


JUST FOR FUN! • Birthday • New Baby • Bridal Shower • Engagement Party • Wedding • Anniversary • Graduation Christmas • Chanukah • Bar & Bat Mitzvah • Confirmation • Retirement • Special Event

TO ORDER CALL 781-893-1001 or email

Please provide date, location, exact birth time (city hall records or 12 PM used). Reports are sent via PDF file directly to you or please provide the recipient’s email address. For entertainment purposes only.


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