In each person, body, mind and spirit come together as a whole.  When even one aspect of the whole is not in balance, that imbalance is reflected in all the aspects. As a result, confusion, crisis, pain and illness may manifest. Thus, all the aspects -- body, mind and spirit -- are affected by the challenge, no matter what the root cause.

Our sessions are most often twofold. The consultation component opens up an empowering mind and spirit path in which issues are uncovered, patterns are revealed, understanding is deepened, awareness is expanded and possibilities are explored.  The gentle, yet powerful, energy balancing component transmits heightened  frequencies to move energy in the body, complementing, supporting and enhancing the evolving mind and spirit path. 

The intention of every session is to serve the client's highest good and greatest growth. The harmonious nature of this process is such that it resonates in both intangible and practical realms. Its aim is to be transformative within the context of one's life. During our sessions,  I draw upon my intuitive "direct knowing" abilities, channeling,  grounding methods, metaphysical teachings, relaxation techniques, centering work, guided visualizations, past-life information, and sound and toning exercises to serve others on their paths. 

As a result of these sessions, a client may benefit from  some or all of the following:

  • -Relief from Physical Pain
  • -Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  • -Improved Personal and Professional Relationships
  • -Emotional Clarity and Self Acceptance
  • -Increased Career Satisfaction and Prosperity
  • -Abundant Vitality
  • -Life-Journey Strategies and Direction
  • -Spiritual Insights

The objective of this profound, elegant process is to move one from limits, doubts, fragmentation and pain toward clarity, connection and relief.  Throughout this co-created process, we strive to mobilize and cultivate the emerging practical integration of mind, body and spirit. A client may choose to experience our sessions as a central resource.  In addition, the process is compatible with conventional medical health care practices, as well as with natural health care practices, and may augment other therapies. 

Sessions for individual clients take place either in-person, on the telephone, or on Skype.  Telephone sessions are scheduled for those clients who live out of the area or for those who wish a session between appointments. 

Also available are consultations with health care practitioners and other professionals to develop treatment plans and procedures for individual clients, either at the professional's suggestion to the client, or at the client's request. Sessions may also be given as gifts and the recipient will be notified.

Jessica Schwartz is not a physician and has no medical training. A consultation with Jessica, a Medical/Spiritual Intuitive, is not meant to take the place of advice or treatment by a medical doctor. Please be sure to see your physician for any conditions that require medical care.

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